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Beautiful Tuscany

The area of Maremma is known for being the cradle for the Etruscan civilization. It is also the heart of the Tuscan wine producing region. It is a protected wildlife area protected by WWF(World Wildlife Foundation), it is very well known for its food and quite near is the famous restaurant GAMBER ROSA voted the top restaurant in Italy for many years. The Island of Elba is directly out to sea from here and can be traveled to from the town of PIOMBINO. Golfo di Baratti is legendary for it's beauty.The famous poet Giosue Carducci wrote many poems about this area greatly influenced by the
beauty of the medieval towns of Castagneto Carducci, Bolgari, and Voltera. The city of Pisa is famous for the leaning tower.

Casa Bianca was designed by the famous modern architect Rossi

About Casa Bianca
The Yamuna retreat is at the private estate of Enrico Marone Cinzano. There are 9 bedrooms ranging from single to twin bed to queen and king size beds. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom.
There is a swimming pool with a pool house and a private beach and beach cabana, walking paths through the sea pines, beautiful places in the woods for quiet moments and meditation and many cozy areas in the house to make yourself comfortable and at home. There is a beautiful courtyard where dinner will be served nightly and lunch will be served either at the beach or in the inside dining room whichever you prefer. All fresh food comes from local farmers and local fishermen. There is also high speed internet wireless service available.
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